Dear Friend,


I’m Katie and I’ve been on a journey toward creating a home that I love. I’m sharing things I’ve learned about caring for my home and running it better. But it’s not just for me. I am writing to young women who are weary. Maybe you’re a newlywed who is frustrated with your skills, or lack thereof, as a new wife and/or homemaker. Maybe you’re a young mom who wants to love her home more and care for it better. Maybe you just need some ideas and inspiration for your day to day life. Maybe you need to hear that you’re not alone or that the chaos in your home isn’t a given. That’s what I needed as a new wife/mom. I just didn’t know it. I want to inspire you, sweet friend. I want to inspire you to love the home you have.

We all need a mentor & friend who has been there.

One of the biggest blessings I had in my teen and early adult years was that I had older women come beside me and mentor, guide, and teach me. They taught me by example. They welcomed me into their homes where I saw them doing work, enjoying their homes, cleaning, being hospitable, making meals, putting things away, purging and de-cluttering. I saw how they tastefully decorated on a budget and watched them do DIY projects around their homes to save money while still investing in their homes. I saw them care for themselves, make their marriages a priority, and care for their children even after they were grown. That has always been the most cherished part of my younger years.

And that’s what I want for you. As you learn and strengthen your skills as a homemaker, wife, mother…woman, I desire for you to be able to see examples that are worthy to replicate. Truthfully, that’s why I started this blog. I want to be an example to you, not in a proud way, but more because it was so helpful to me to see how things are done so that I could observe and then try things my way. I want to come alongside you, encourage you, and share tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way.

I had to take pride in my home before I could enjoy it.

When I first started out, I hated our home. I was grateful for the protection and shelter it provided and that was about it. It was cluttered, ugly, and didn’t function correctly for our family. And because of those things, I didn’t put much care and interest into it. It wasn’t until I started learning to do things like organize, meal plan, decorate on a budget, and clean properly that I started to see the potential in my home.

What Do You Need?

So here you are. Are you in the same boat I was? Do you want ideas on how to manage, decorate and organize your home inexpensively? Are you the person who wants to save some money but still have a lovely, updated space? Are you someone who could use a mentor and friend who shares in the ups and downs of homemaking and womanhood? You are welcome here! We’re going to have so much fun.

Here are some things we will do together:

~You’ll be able to follow along as I design, decorate, and/or organize on a small budget.

~I’ll share my favorite tips and resources for housekeeping when you’re coming from a state of chaos or if you’ve never learned how to keep house.

~ We’ll learn the importance & process of decluttering and how to be more discerning about what you bring into your home.

~We’ll talk about caring for yourself & your family, and stepping up to the plate as a woman and homemaker.

~We’ll do a lot of fun things like create our own DIY projects, tackle tough organizing spaces, and decorate our homes inexpensively to create a comfortable, relaxing space that we can be proud of!

~We’ll learn together how hospitality can bring joy, not stress, as well as how to start opening your home to others.

…and so much more.

Whatever your need when it comes to homemaking, we’ll walk together and help become blessings to our families and others that come into our homes. So, dear friend, I want to be that person that comes along side you to encourage you, support you, and share tips with you that I’ve learned along the way.  So come with me! Let’s learn to love home.



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