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Creating a Room Inspiration Board

Why should I create an inspiration board? I already have Pinterest.

One of the most fun things to do is to gather inspiration for decorating our homes, right? That’s why Pinterest is so amazing. It gathers all of our likes and dreams into one place. Awesome.

Now, I love Pinterest as much as the next home-decor-obsessed girl, but there’s one problem. We don’t usually go back and pull specific details or actual items/products from those pins, do we? Now- some of you might and more power to ya! But, my guess is that those things we pin, just sit there. At least mine do. I find that my Pinterest is mainly good for browsing and scanning through to see my overall style. What colors am I drawn to? Textures? Styles? etc.

Inspiration boards help me focus on one room with the specific details I want in that space.

I find that once I’ve figured out my style and what colors I want in a space, then I can start piecing a room together. So I create inspiration boards. This is sort of like a digital collage of things I’d love to use in the room I’m planning to decorate. Once I have it all together, I can see how the different elements work together and how it will look as a whole. What’s even better, is that I can link to the direct item I am wanting in the room. I can watch it and wait for it to go on sale or I can try to find something very similar at a better price. The idea is to put your room together digitally, then work on it a little bit at a time to actually create the look you’re going for. You can even print out the board and take it with you when you go shopping. It’ll keep you focused and it’ll keep you from impulse buys that don’t go with the look you’re wanting.

How do I create an inspiration board?

There are several ways to create an inspiration board. If you’re handy with Photoshop, you could actually create your room to scale and place things where you’d want them. Personally, I take the easy way out and just throw items into a document or plain image in Canva.

Here’s the approximate step by step process that I use when creating my boards.

  1.  Scan your pins on Pinterest and identify 2-3 repeating design, texture, and color elements.
  2. Using those elements, go window shopping. Look on Amazon,…wherever you think you’ll find the same look.
  3. Screenshot things you love. (Keeping in mind that this is simply window shopping, you can find similar items for less money later if the items you like are too expensive.)
    1. Look for rugs, pillows, blankets, lighting, art, storage solutions, materials for a focal wall, and things you can replicate in a DIY project. These are the things that change any room for just a little bit of money.
    2. You can also bookmark these items or link to them in your digital board.
  4. Open a blank document in Canva or Pic Monkey. (I am not sponsored or affiliated in any way at this point and time with either website.)
  5. Upload your screen shots to your editor of choice.
  6. Give your Board a title.
  7. Download, share and/or print.

*Bonus step: Sometimes I’ll upload a photo of my room and try to place things. This is easier in Photoshop, because you can cut around the exact shape of the item. This step can help me show my husband my vision for the room. Sometimes, I forego this step digitally and I just draw it out on paper. The idea is to make it easy to share my ideas and thoughts for the room and to visualize it myself too. I have a very rough example of what I’m talking about below.

An Inspiration Board for a Cozy Living Space: Living Room

So, I thought I’d share a couple of my inspiration boards with you. Right now, our living room is pretty boring. Since we remodeled, we’ve got a lot of character to add to the rooms. So we’re basically starting with blank slates all over the house. Which is okay because I get to take you along with me as I make our house a home! Anyway, our living room is leaving much to be desired. And I’m excited to create a warm, inviting space! This project is still a little bit down the road but I’m loving planning the update for the space. Here is how to living room currently looks:

This is my inspiration for our living room. It’s not a big room, and it’s open to the kitchen so I want everything to flow nicely. I am drawn to creams, whites, greys, blues, blacks, dark metal & brass, wood accents, with strong influences of farmhouse and industrial designs & a little boho added in there for good measure.

This is a rough placement of some elements in the room:

That’s not everything I want to do in the room, but it give you a good idea of what it means to place things in the space. Of course it’s not to scale, of course it will not look like this exactly, but it gives me and my husband a rough idea of how I want the space to look.

I also have to work with what I have.

My couches are not farmhouse or industrial style. The two leather pieces are quite large for the room too. But I have no intention of changing my seating right now. And I’m okay with that. I can still make the room feel the way I want to without going and buying all new furniture. One thing I have done, is I bought a slipcover for our yellow-ish tan colored couch. I hated the color of the couch, but the design lines are nice. So I found a slipcover for the couch and it really is a great solution for our current situation. I chose a greyish-blue color to add that cool, soothing affect to the space, instead of the dingy, warm yellow color.

Helpful tip on slipcovers:

The key to getting a good slipcover is to get the stretchy ones that fit most any style of couch and then nip and tuck and pin areas where it’s a little bit loose.

A Second Inspiration Board for a Practical Space: Laundry Room

I’m adding a second inspiration board here for a project that I’m currently planning. I’m working on preparing an update in my laundry area. Our laundry space is in our mudroom which is a walk-through space where we also hang coats, store shoes, and store a lot of other items like cleaning supplies and bulk paper products. My laundry area needs some love. I”ll share before and afters in the posts to follow on this project, but I wanted to share my ideas for the space.

I wanted a brighter, more cheery feel to this area because, well, it’s laundry. But I still love my neutrals + a pop of color. Grey, beige, and black will really make our beautiful wall color pop (Watery from Sherwin Williams). Plus I’d love to add some interest like that fantastic wallpaper there. I’m not sure what I’ll end up with, but I would like to add a pop of interest if I can.

Plans Can Change

One of the things I do want to mention about inspiration boards is that they are just that: inspiration. Nothing is set in stone. If you want to change something, do it! It’s better to change it on paper before you start implementing the project, right?

Now I’m curious. How do you plan for changes in your home? How do you plan projects? I’d love to see your inspiration and ideas in the comments below.



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