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This is a list of some of my favorite resources that I’ve used to help me on my homemaking & personal journeys. They are resources that have encouraged me along the way. They have taught me and helped me to reach goals that I never thought I’d achieve. I hope they are helpful to you.


Clean My Space

Clean My Space is for those of us who never learned how to clean anything properly. It’s THE BEST free tool for learning the ins and outs of cleaning your home.


Clutterbug is such a fun channel. Cass shares inexpensive DIYs, organizing, and motivation for cleaning your home.

A Young Mum

A Young Mum is SO inspirational. Janine takes you along with clean with me videos, plenty of lifestyle content, and what I found her for: Kon Mari Method inspiration. She has walked through the whole process on her channel.

Inspired By Nikki

Nikki is so calming and soothing to watch. On this lifestyle channel, she brings the viewer along in cleaning, organizing, decorating, and so much more.

The DIY Mommy

Christina from the DIY Mommy is so much fun. I love her style and her accent! She shares a lot on her channel but most of it is DIY decor, DIY projects, DIY decorating, and home tours.

My So Called Home

Hillary from My So Called Home is so calming. She’s fun to follow along on her vlogs. She shares inexpensive decor, thrifting, and diy home projects.

Do It On a Dime

Kathryn is the very first YouTuber I subscribed to. I’ve seen every single video she’s ever done on her channel. Her content is GOLD. Organizing on a budget! Watch her now!

Abby Organizes

I found Abby from her blog originally, but lately, she’s been uploading amazing organizing videos! I can’t get enough.



The Cozy Minimalist Course

This is THE best course when you know very little about decorating. The price is phenomenal. Worth every penny and then some. Read more about the course here.

Before and After Dressing Your Truth Course

I don’t believe everything when it comes to Energy Profiling, BUT this system is fantastic. I enjoy the beauty and clothing content here. It has helped me with knowing myself better and learning to create a style of my own.

Financial Peace University

This information changed our lives. If there’s one course you take this year, make it Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey and team.



A helpful resource for those of us on tight budgets. Crystal shares deals, tips, and inspiration about saving money.

Stacy from Humorous Homemaking helps you tackle any insecurity you have when it comes to homemaking. When I was down and out about my home, Stacy was there. 

Bower Power was one of the first blogs I started following years ago. Katie is so hilarious. She’s witty, funny, sweet, and such a great decorator/diy-er.

I feel like I know John & Sherry. I’ve followed them since 2008 when we bought our house. They’re big-time remodelers now and they even have two books (links below) and a podcast along with a whole slew of fun projects they’re working on. You won’t regret checking out their blog.

Abby is the one who inspired me to start my own blog. She seems so sweet and her organizing tips are simple and helpful.



An online thrift store, seriously! THE BEST second-hand online clothing store. <3




Business Boutique by Christy Wright

Are you interested in starting your own business? Read. this. book.

Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

This book completely changed our lives and helped us to pay off $27,000 in debt in 2 years. Read. It.

Money Making Mom by Crystal Paine

Are you wanting to earn a little bit of income from home? This book helps you through the process.

Young House Love & Lovable, Livable Home by Jon and Sherry Petersik

Authors of the blog Young House Love, John and Sherry make it all real and accessible in their books.

The Nesting Place by Maquillian Smith

Creator of the Cozy Minimalist Course, Maquillian has a way of helping her reader check their priorities and inspire them at the same time.

Large Family LogisticsHome Management Plain and Simple by Kim Brennaman

This is the ultimate home management book. You do not need to have a large family to gain insight from this book. READ IT. Home Management Plain and Simple is the newest version. Just read it. That’s all I can say. 🙂





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