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Creating A Wardrobe You Love: Create the Look For Less

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From Pinterest to My Closet…How??

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a bunch of outfits pinned on your Pinterest style boards. It’s easy for me to pin styles that I love… it’s a challenge actually putting the outfit together. I can easily see my style on Pinterest, but then something snaps when I get into the store. I can’t remember what my style is let alone outfits I’ve pinned. I don’t know if it’s sticker shock or the fact that I’m quite out of style lately or a combination of the two.

And with my last post about Stitch Fix being a bit too far out of my price range at the moment, I thought I’d challenge myself to find outfits I love on Pinterest, and try to recreate them with similar pieces that are far less expensive.

Let me show you an example.


Go Second Hand!

I had this image pinned and wondered if I could create the same look for very little money. So I did what any thrifty shopper would do! I checked out my second-hand options, of course!

You guys know how much I love thredup, but there’s another online thrift store that I can’t get enough of. It’s called Swap.com. Like Thredup, Swap.com is an online consignment store.

I searched grey tee-shirts and pink skirts, sandals and sun hats. I was able to come up with two complete outfits. (Items pictured are not guaranteed to be there for future purchase) Check it out:

You guys. Can you believe those prices? Do you see how easy it is to create a look for a smaller amount of money?

Money and Time Saving Tip: While thrifting online, use the search areas on the website. I searched “grey tee”, “distressed jeans”, “denim jacket”, etc. This will bring up several items that fit that description and it will help you find your perfect item. Secondly, you could put in your sizing information (I know thredup.com saves sizes if you want them to), and that will bring up items practically tailored to you.

Let’s try another. The next items I found are from Thredup. (All images in my outfit recreations are from Thredup.com and items pictured are not guaranteed to be there for future purchase.)

This was my inspiration:

But it’s not in my size!

One thing to take into consideration is that sometimes, you can’t always find just the right pieces in your size when you shop second hand. My advice in that matter is to keep looking! One thing that helps me is to have a handful of outfits that I’m looking to recreate so that when I’m shopping, I can keep my eye out for multiple items, not just one.

My second recommendation is to change it up a little bit. See how my second option differs from the inspiration style but it still has the same feel/style? If you can’t find exact pieces, change it up and see what you can find that gives the same affect you were going for.

So this is a really simple post just sharing my love for thrifting! I hope it encouraged you that you can create your style for less money! And be sure to check out Swap.com and Thredup.com to do so! They are fantastic resources for creating a wardrobe you love for less.













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