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Budget Organizing Project: Small Linen Closet


Our linen closet in the hallway is really narrow. It has quite a bit of storage but it’s just really narrow and tough to use. It was especially tough to use with the way we had it before…

….Jam-packed full of blankets, pillows, sheets, old linens, cleaning supplies and towels. Well, after a short trip to the Dollar Tree, I was able to get a few organization products and set up the tiny closet so it worked better for our family.

My first step, was to cover those ugly wood shelves. I wanted the space to look a little bit pretty. I bought contact paper from the Dollar Tree and it’s not the greatest quality, but with a little bit of packing tape on the edges, it worked really well.

Second, I assessed what I wanted to store in the closet and I placed the bins where I thought they would function best. We have other areas where I want to store the majority of our towels so this closet is mainly for extra personal hygiene and care products, medicine, first aid products, sheets for the kids’ beds, and extra blankets. I also keep my kitchen towels and rags here for now.

I used left over gift tags to label the fabric bins and on the clear shoe boxes (which I usually get at Dollar Tree or Walmart for $1 or less), I used clear packing tape and a sharpie. Fancy, I know. The fabric collapsible bins are from Dollar tree. I don’t know that I’d buy them again, but I wanted to give them a shot. They are quite flimsy, but they get the job done and look nice in the space. My goal here was simple organization while spending as little money as possible. I’d say that fits the bill.

Space Maximizing Tip:

I used an under the shelf organizer to house my kitchen rags. The white bin underneath it is my kitchen towels. I was able to double my space here and store like items together without jamming a bunch of things into one container therefore having to rummage through when I’m look for something specific. Utilize every inch of your space, including vertical, especially if you have very minimal space you’re working with.

Price Tag:

As far as cost for this project, I didn’t purchase everything you see here. I used what I already had and purchased a few items to fill in gaps.

  • 5 Rolls of Contact paper: $5
  • 4 Fabric bins (only ended up using 3): $4

Total Cost: $9

Money Saving Tip:

Shop your house first when doing projects like this. I had those white bins and shoe boxes already. I also had the hamper already. It sits in the bottom of the closet holding extra blankets. Using what you have will save you time and money. Don’t go out and buy all new bins. Buy only what you need and make it work.

So here’s the before and after. I can’t believe what a transformation less than $9 and little bit of work can do.

I hope this inspired you tackle a tough space in your home. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to be beautiful and functional.




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